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Kafkas University

Date:    July 11, 1992

Rector: Prof.. Dr. Sami ÖZCAN

Address: 36100 Campus University in the Kafkas Paşaçayırı / KARS

Phone numbers: +90 (474) - 212 88 21-212 88 29-212 88 43

Fax numbers: +90 (474) 212 68 29

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No. 3837 on July 11, 1992 Caucasus University was established by law in November 1992 started its activities by assigning the Founding Rector of the University, established at the time of Ataturk University, transferred to a vocational school with a faculty and a single programmatic had 245 students and 40 faculty. Today, the Caucasus University in becoming a regional university who walks fast and confidently, are in a position facing the future with confidence and hope.

As of today, eight separate university campuses in the province of 6 faculties, 3 schools, 5 vocational school, 1 State Conservatory, 3 Graduate School, 6 Research Center for a total of 23 academic units, 468 faculty and has a capacity of approximately 14 thousand students. Outside the region, including the majority of our university every year about 4 thousand students enroll. National and international experiences and knowledge with dedicated teaching staff at educational and research activities carried out with the very best in terms of number of students per faculty member is. Accelerated investment in infrastructure and technical equipment required by the contemporary higher education is continuing.

Kafkas University, its activities and objectives are based on the basic principle of our constitution and the Higher Education Act. Therefore, the indivisible integrity of our country and uncompromising defender of Ataturk's principles and reforms.


All the campuses of our university student canteens and cafeterias serving on a regular basis. Students, Credit and Hostels Institution of rental housing such as dormitories and private residences affordable housing needs of the students are also popular. In addition, the university campus in the suite rooms consisting of 200 persons by charitable Vasfiye ERIS are sorority. The dormitory building currently under construction, will be open 2008-2009 academic year. Faculty and students outside the Provincial Yüksekokullardaki shelter necessary for the demands made of the Directorate General of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution. Our students and staff, Health, Culture and Sports Department under the Health Center and Medical School are able to receive service.


The state loan and scholarship opportunities for students, as well as those with poor economic status of the university academic and administrative staff and the contributions of Kars Kafkas University scholarships are provided on a regular basis by the Development Foundation.


Branches of all the units of the University of Caucasian students and researchers in teaching and research-related education opportunities available to increase the laboratories. In addition, all units of the university computer labs and Internet connection is available.


Social, cultural and sporting activities arranged by the students required to meet for tea, trips, events such as graduation balls all the opportunities our students by providing necessary tools, materials, and contributes to the necessary space was allocated. Students, indoor sports halls, carpet Fields, outdoor sports fields, ski facilities and Sarikamis faydalanabilmekte, national and international sporting events are able to represent our university. In addition, each year between the regular units of the university as a football, volleyball, basketball and other sports tournaments are carried out. Conferences, seminars, panel discussions, conferences on topical subjects, such as students' knowledge and experience through scientific meetings increased. The show, exhibition, theatrical and cultural events such as student clubs located within the university and our students, equipped with universal values ​​facing the future with confidence, sensitive to social values, culture and grow as individuals, contribute to improved awareness of art. Our students, our region because of the geographical location of the historical and touristic places in neighboring countries have the opportunity to travel. Each year in May, the Spring Festival and Goose Feast üniversitemizce activities such as students with finding the opportunity to display their talents, lots eğlenmekte; Kars province and other social and cultural events organized around involved. University in Biology, Nature and Life, Climbing, Bird Watching, Books, Music, Poetry, Photography, Kemalist Thought, Theatre, Chess, Cinema, Horse and Equine, Social Thought and the large number of established names such as Press and more than a thousand students active in student clubs has been operating as a.